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              We are a leading knitwear specialist in Asia, designing and producing for some of the world’s most renowned brands.

              We are a leading knitwear specialist in Asia,?
              designing and producing for some of the world’s most renowned brands.

              ABOUT US

              Our Mission

              To provide superior services to customers around the world, supplying exceptional quality products with best in class delivery capabilities and competitive pricing.

              Our Vision

              To be a world class organisation driven by conscious and sustainable growth.

              • 1980

                Chong Cheong (Macau) Knitting Factory Ltd.

              • 1988

                Moved from Macau to Zhongshan, and named Chong Cheong (Zhongshan) Knitting Factory Ltd.

              • 1991

                M&V International Manufacturing (Vietnam) Ltd.

              • 1994

                Moved from Vietnam to Cambodia, and named M&V International Manufacturing Ltd.

              • 2003

                Set up of Hong Kong design office.

              • 2005

                Moved from Zhongshan to Zhuhai, and named Luen Fung (Zhuhai) Knitwear Ltd.

              OUR GROUP




              Supply Chain Management

              Product Development


              HONG KONG

              Sales & Marketing

              Design & Product Development






              OUR FACTORIES


              • Operational Excellence: lean manufacturing process
              • Design & Product Development team
              • Product flexibility
              • Comprehensive quality assurance program
              • Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility programs: Ethical and Environmental culture and product safety.

              Gauge Range

              3/5/7/9/12/14 Gauge Sweater

              Monthly Capacity

              1,300,000 pcs


              MV International Design & Product Development

              The Market

              • EU
              • Japan
              • Others

              Our Customers

              • Ladies
              • Children
              • Mens
              MV International Clients

              CSR & Sustainability

              We are committed to serving our society. As we grow as a Company, we hope to bring sustainable growth to the communities around us. From building and setting up primary school for more than 200 students to our environmental commitment to continuously seek ways to reduce pollution from our production sites, we actively participate in project collaboration with international organisations and our customers to ensure we achieve the highest standards in the area of social responsibility and sustainability.

              SAVE Project | Fair Wage | CARE Project | Certificated Plan A Eco factories | Health Work Project

              In Partnership with:

              CONTACT US

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